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FIB-SEM 3D Volume reconstruction:

Using a FEI/Thermo-Fisher Helios 660, FIB-X offers automated FIB-SEM 3D tomography at voxels down to 3nm per slice. We are flexible in product pricing so that we can give you the amount of information you need at a price point that fits your budget. We can do 3nm, or go bigger with 5nm, 7nm, 10nm or other slice resolutions to reduce costs and increase throughput for greater sample size distributions.

FIB-X Moving Maps:

FIB-X has developed a new technique that bridges the gap between micron-scale MicroCT 3D analysis and nanometer-scale FIB-SEM 3D volume construction at reduced costs and efficiency. We can deliver moving mosaics in sizes ranging from 100x100 um to 500x500 um and beyond with voxels/slices ranging from 10nm to 100nm and pixel resolution from 5nm to 50nm or whatever suits your need. This enables the ability to analyze cracks and pores like never before.

Examples of FIB-X Moving Maps are found below. (Please allow for load times then it will be smoother playback)

Click here for a 20x20um 10nm/pixel subset that was taken from a larger 100x200um aquistion from Eagle Ford.
Click here for a 20x20um 10nm/pixel subset that was taken from a larger 100x100um aquistion from the Barnett Shale.

This is a video capture from a Moving Map from Eagle Ford. The voxels are approximately 50nm and the horizontal field width is 100 um. It is a subset from the orginal capture of 100x200um.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM):

FIB-X can obtain high resolution 2D SEM mosaic imaging over large areas to observe the pore systems and clay characteristics at the nanometer scale in unconventional reservoir samples.

Our FEI Teneo SEM is able to acquire high contrast back scatter images on uncoated samples with low voltage in an efficient manner which leads to a reduction in cycle time and costs while delivering high resolution surface features for a true measure of your sample. Click here for an example 2D mosaic image that is 60um wide x 100um height at 10nm pixel resolution.

Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDS):

FIB-X can obtain elemental analysis on unconventional reservoir samples.

Our Bruker QUANTAX EDS and AMICS Mieralogy are able to quantify as well as illustrate the distribution of elements through the use of large area spectral images. Great for Sequestration chemistry analysis and shale mineral distributions. Click here for an example report.

Sample Preparation for Backscattered Electron Imaging (Argon Ion Mill):

FIB-X can perform ion mill preparation on your unconventional reservoir samples.

Our Fischione Model 1060 SEM mill can prepare samples up to 25 mm (diameter) x 15 mm (height). The relatively large sample accommodation allows for an opportunity to investigate more locations across your sample.