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           Decapsulation and

Real Time Verification

Today's mask costs and manufacturing cycle times induce many sleepless nights for everyone on the product team. You might find yourself asking the questions: Are my simulation models correct this time? Do we need to respin another mask set and at what cost in time and money? If my design does not perform exactly to specifications, will we be able to meet the customers scheduled timeline? FIB-X's FIB circuit modification can help you sleep easier by testing your design improvements in a timely manner giving you the assurance that your design will operate to specification, thus reducing the chances of another respin and avoiding the costs of another mask set.

Shale Rock Analysis

High resolution SEM (electron microscope) MAPS imaging over large areas for pore analysis using a high contrast back scatter detector that is compatible with Microsoft's HD View.

Defect Analysis with EDS

Dual beam operation with insitu EDS for elemental anaylsis gives us the capability to help you identify process defects and contaminations in real time. Our technician has over 13 years experience in defect analysis and critical measurements.

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